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About Westech Labs - Quality Solutions Services and Training Professionals in Calibration, Inspection, Instrument Sales, 3D Printing and Laser Engraving

Westech Labs Mission Statement

Create Unconventional Customized Solutions to Benefit our Clients Achieve Results Beyond Their Expectations.


Westect Labs Vision Statement

Establish Synergy with our Business Partners to Create Mutual Continuous Prosperity.

Calibration, Inspection, Rentals, Instrument Sales, 3D Printing & Laser Engraving by Pros With Over 10 Years of Experience – Westech Labs


Westech Labs has been doing business in the regions of Alberta, Canada and Florida for the past decade and has earned a reputation that places it as a domain expert in metrology and calibration services.

We have facilities at multiple locations and each laboratory is fully compliant to ISO 17025. We also maintain true NIST traceability for all the calibration processes that we undertake and have a vast repository of knowledge around best practices for the handling and maintenance of different classes of instruments.

But we are aware of the fact that there is stiff competition in the market and there are other facilities that you can take your business to. This is why WestechLabs has a well-developed set of Unique Value Propositions that define why we are the perfect fit for companies seeking a reliable calibration and inspection partner.

  1. Westech Labs has multiple facilities. This geographic diversity is helpful because different labs have different scope of accreditation data sets. This offers our clients the ability to choose a facility that provides the highest level of accuracy for a particular calibration process.
  2. Westech Labs has all the tools and the expertise required to carry out reference calibrations. Our reference temperature calibration set-up realizes the internationally recognized ITS-90 standards and can re-create the needed intrinsic temperature series using fixed point cell, accurate temperature baths and controlled furnaces. Not many calibration service providers have the wherewithal to boast this capability.
  3. We at Westech labs work carefully with calibration data –sets. Documentation is an important part of all our processes. We provide clients with uncertainty values of instruments when we facilitate rentals and for every device calibrated at our facilities, we not only issue a certificate of accuracy, we also send over the calibration data to back up our assessment.
  4. Even though calibration is typically repetitive work, we excel at out of the box thinking as well. WestechLabs offers top-notch laser engraving and the disruptive technology of 3D printing. This puts our research and development and out spirit of innovation heads and shoulders above our competitors.
  5. We are a one-stop comprehensive solution. We calibrate magnetic field intensity, electrical, pressure, force, humidity, air velocity and dimensional measurement instruments with exceptional accuracy. We also offer hydrostatic testing and on-site inspection services. Want to buy or sell instruments? We at WestechLabs have the ability to place top notch, branded devices with qualified buyers thank to our extensive connections.


In everything that we do, we take care to ensure:


  • Savings for our clients
  • Responsible reconciliation in case of bulk instrument/device calibrations
  • Fast turn-around
  • Excellent customer assistance that doesn’t hesitate to go beyond accepted norms of service

Please get in touch with us at 800-417-9958. We will evaluate your requirements to suggest tailored services that will help you focus on your business, leaving the responsibilities of calibration and maintenance to us.