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Ensuring the Accuracy & Precision of a Huge Range of Measuring Devices!


Calibration Services happen to be the mainstay of the WestechLabs experience. We have multiple facilities – each individually compliant to ISO 17025 and we maintain true NIST traceability in the calibration processes we undertake. We can also boast complete PDFs of the scope of accreditation parameters for our facilities and all of these provisions have positioned us as calibration and metrology experts in Alberta and Florida.


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Precision Air Wind Calibration Services!


Accredited by the gold standard of testing laboratories the ISO/IEC 17025, Westech Labs prides itself on providing the most cost effective air velocity measurement instrument calibration services for a number of industries.


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Let Your Pipes and Cylinders Bear the Pressure! You Don’t Need to Worry.


Hydro Testing or Hydrostatic testing is critical to industries like medicine, oil and gas, firefighting and scuba diving. In fact any domain that has to work with dangerous fluids or runs the risk of explosion when containers fail under pressure! This isn’t simple calibration any more. If the tests are not accurate, real collateral damage may ensue.

Through Hydrostatic Testing the structural integrity of vessels is determined. And leaks and distortions are spotted. Even though there are chances of limited permanent expansion, Westech Labs ensures that Hydro Testing retains its characteristic of being a largely non-destructive method.


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Metrology Experts Bring Accurate Dimensional Calibration Services for Your Gauges, Protractors, Indicators, Micrometers & More


Dimensional calibration sounds basic. But the accuracy and exactitude of instruments is the basis of any successful measurement. Industries rely on Westech Labs to ensure that their tools offer call-outs that are accurate to several decimal places.


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Increase Throughput and Comply with Global Standards with Electrical Instrument Calibration Services by Westech Labs!


 Are you looking to maintain the accuracy and precision of your electrical equipment? Calibration by experts is the best way to preserve the life of a device and to stall frequent investment in new products.


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If You are in an Industry That is Humidity Sensitive, the Westech Lab Humidity Calibration Solution is Your Most Affordable Option


Humidity is a generic term. But it has profound implications for sensitive industries like food, storage, manufacturing and life sciences. Humidity measurement instruments thus need to be kept strictly in calibration to avoid raw material losses and financial drains.


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Let us Eliminate Off-sets and Calibrate Your Magnetic Field Measurement Instruments to Suit Your On-Site Processes


Do you hail from the automotive, electrical appliance manufacturing, medicine equipment and telemetry industries? Then you are no stranger to the importance of measuring the magnetic field intensity in different settings with a high degree of accuracy. For your convenience Westech Labs offers bespoke magnetic field calibration services for Gauss meters that operate on the principles of magnetoresistance and magnetotransistors and magnetometers that are both scalar and vector.


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Accurate On-Site, Off-Site Temperature Calibration for Efficient Use of Energy in Your Processes


Simply controlling temperature is no longer enough. To maintain a log of adherence to best in class manufacturing practices, most producers also wish to record the ranges of temperature that products are subjected to over thermal cycles. Sectors like food processing, pharmaceuticals, critical safety parts manufacturing and storage are particularly susceptible to temperature measurement inaccuracies.

If you hail from one of these industries, you do realize that with international standards becoming more and more demanding precisely calibrated temperature measurement instruments are no longer a luxury – they are non-negotiable.


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Comply with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with Accurate Pressure Calibration by Westech Labs

 From the oil and gas industry to food, manufacturing and storage, the importance of accurate pressure measurement is not lost on any sector. Fluctuations in pressure and the inability to detect these anomalies because of inaccuracies in equipment may lead to serious safety threats like explosions as well as other smaller inconveniences like spoilage and bloating.

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Propelling You to New Highs of Accuracy with Force & Torque Calibration Services


 No movement in the world is possible without the application of force. And key activities on manufacturing plant floors require the exact measurement of the resultant angular acceleration or torque. Force and torque are closely related and Westech Labs over its illustrious 15 years of operation has created proprietary processes for the calibration of their measuring devices.


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