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Increase Throughput and Comply with Global Standards with Electrical Instrument Calibration Services by Westech Labs!


Are you looking to maintain the accuracy and precision of your electrical equipment? Calibration by experts is the best way to preserve the life of a device and to stall frequent investment in new products.

Why Calibrate Electrical Equipment?


The answer to this question is simple. Calibration done routinely saves both time and money.

  • If an instrument is out of calibration, amateurs may end up taking measurements with tight tolerance with it. Under such circumstances major discrepancies are introduced in data which ultimately leads to inaccurate results and work that may be rejected or may need to be re-done.
  • The down time that a business faces when electrical equipment is out of calibration hampers its productivity. There has to be a redundant piece or a back-up of each device if calibration is not done diligently and as an ongoing practice.


Why Should You Choose Westech Labs as Your Electrical Calibration Partner?


Westech Labs has established itself as a market leader of electrical calibration in both Canada and Florida.


Here’s why:


  • Our calibration facility is ISO 17025
  • Our calibration equipment is stored in tightly controlled environment so that an accuracy of 001% is insured.
  • We offer Traceable Calibration Services by ensuring that repeated measurements of our equipment read-outs against SI benchmarks are adhered to.
  • We boast both high voltage and reference level electrical measurement capabilities.
  • We have proprietary calibration processes for the same instruments from different brands in deference of the device make and capacity.
  • We work with Multi-meters, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Potentiometers, Frequency Meters, Loop Testers, Waveform Measuring Devices, Shunts, Resistance Boxes, Stabilizers, Circuit Breakers and more.
  • Our staff members are highly trained. They can conduct electrical calibrations at your premises and know the procedures to eliminate risk of inaccuracy creeping into our equipment due to mishandling.

If you are seeking a trustworthy electrical calibration partner who give your business a competitive advantage, please contact us at 780-436-5200.