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Humidity/Dew Point Calibration

If You are in an Industry That is Humidity Sensitive, the Westech Lab Humidity Calibration Solution is Your Most Affordable Option

Humidity is a generic term. But it has profound implications for sensitive industries like food, storage, manufacturing and life sciences. Humidity measurement instruments thus need to be kept strictly in calibration to avoid raw material losses and financial drains. Why Do You Need to Accurately Measure Humidity? Something as simple as the amount of water vapor in air can become critical because humidity alters the state of the materials it comes in contact with. Humidity measurements need to be accurate because specific volumes of water vapor can trigger different reactions. From condensation and corrosion to warping and spoilage, these are all possible and do happen if stringent humidity control is not exercised by pharmaceuticals, food producers and warehouse businesses. Westech Labs at Your Service: Westech Labs not only excels  at the calibration of regular humidity measurement instruments like relative humidity hygrometers, digital hygrometers and chart recorders, we can also undertake the often tedious process of humidity sensor calibration which requires running the device through large data sets and necessitates careful monitoring of hysteresis and thermal effects. We:
  • Are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited
  • Use equipment that boasts true traceability as verified by the standards set by NIST.
  • Take pride in walking the talk – our own facilities and laboratories in both Canada and Florida are humidity controlled and we can ensure complete precision and accuracy of our calibration instruments.
  • Also provide dew point calibration.
  • Can work with chart recorders, humidity meters, pressure sensors, process gauges, thermos-hygrometers and more.
Please connect with us at 780-436-5200 for a comprehensive quote that will help you put to rest the constant struggle against the onslaught of nature that affects your humidity sensitive business.  

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