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Let Your Pipes and Cylinders Bear the Pressure! You Don’t Need to Worry.


Hydro Testing or Hydrostatic testing is critical to industries like medicine, oil and gas, firefighting and scuba diving. In fact any domain that has to work with dangerous fluids or runs the risk of explosion when containers fail under pressure! This isn’t simple calibration any more. If the tests are not accurate, real collateral damage may ensue.

Through Hydrostatic Testing the structural integrity of vessels is determined. And leaks and distortions are spotted. Even though there are chances of limited permanent expansion, Westech Labs ensures that Hydro Testing retains its characteristic of being a largely non-destructive method.

Westech Hydrostatic Testing Process:


In order to make the Hydro Test extremely comprehensive, the process starts off with visual inspection. This is of utmost importance to the re-qualification of vessels because constant wear does lead to the introduction of leaks that might be spotted by eye and are extremely dangerous.

Westech also provides shot blasting that removes dirt, grime and chipped paint from used pipes and cylinders so that the vessels are more conducive to a visual once-over before the actual immersion in the test jacket.

The purpose of the activity is to eliminate the possibility of structural flaws and to gauge the durability of cylinders, pipes and vessels of all shapes and volumes. The test piece is filled with water (often dyed if the possibility of a leak is high) and the pressure increased to a value that is in compliance with Transport Canada, CSA and CGA Standards. The expansion of the piece leads to displacement of water in the test jacket and if the strength is questionable, there might even be a collapse.

Based on the displaced liquid, and using guidelines of Hydrostatic testing (which also depend on the industry from which the test piece hails and its composition) a certification is issued to mark the vessel safe for use.


We at Westech Labs Service:


  • Aquarium Tanks
  • Iron Works
  • Ckiksans
  • Valves
  • Blow Out Preventers
  • Rupture Disks
  • Oil and Gas Pipes
  • Scuba Cylinders
  • Medical Equipment

And more.


The Westech Commitment:


Westech strives to offer its clients the best Hydro Testing solution in Alberta and Florida. Our Florida facility is DOT compliant and works as per the specifications of US standards.


  • Ensure that all vessels are returned to our clients, with the right markings, on time.
  • We do considerably better than the 6 weeks turn-around that our competitors provide.
  • We are imminently affordable.
  • We mark re-qualified vessels with the ‘Re-Test Date’ and the ‘Re-Test Identification Number’ taking care to stamp these details away from the original manufacturer’s data.
  • There is significant vessel distortion only when the integrity of the test piece is questionable. Otherwise we stay below the 10% of total expansion limit thanks to careful testing set-ups.
  • Our staff is technically competent and experienced. We have been offering Hydrostatic Testing for well over a decade now.

Connect with Westech Labs at 780-436-5200 today and let us show you why we are the market leaders and the first choice of established firms for Hydrostatic Testing experts.