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In House Calibration Facilities

“Trusted Measurements from the Best in the Business”


When you take the time to spare your equipment for a round of laboratory calibration, it must be with service providers who understand the importance of getting your devices and tools back on premise as soon as possible. Westech Labs prides itself on the fact that it has the fastest turn-around times in the domain of calibration and metrology. With ISO 17025 accredited labs situated in Florida and Alberta it offers top of the line in-house calibration services at its laboratories.

What Can You Expect from an In House Calibration Experience with Westech?

First and foremost, Westech Labs has over 25 years of experience in calibrating devices and measuring instruments from a large number of disciplines. Be it magnetic intensity or multi-format meters for gauging electrical signals, we at Westech can take care of eliminating drift and bringing back accuracy and precision. When you enter into a contract with Westech Labs for In House Calibration, this is what you can bank on:

    • Strict adherence to schedule. We do not default delivery dates because without measuring instruments productivity of your processes plummet and we are mindful of this constraint.


    • Rentals at affordable prices. Westech Labs can offer you a wide array of measuring devices as rentals if your own equipment is being evaluated and calibrated at our laboratories. Our rentals happen to some of the best maintained devices in the market. Please read through this section to learn more.


    • ISO 17025 accreditation and true NIST traceability. This means our facilities are constructed according to accepted best practices for the calibration of different classes of instruments. We take care of modulate and maintain the right ambient temperature and the correct level of humidity. The master calibrators that we use are set against NIST equipment and the alignment is adjusted every year for the highest degree of accuracy and precision possible.


    • Calibration Reminders. If we are retained on a contract basis, you can hand over your calibration worries to us. We get in touch with you on time to transport your equipment to our labs and also automatically renew the rental of the needed devices if you wish to work with our tools in the interim.


    • Calibration Data Availability & Certificate of Accuracy. We at Westech Labs do not step away from backing our calibration efforts. We use computerized input methods to document data from our calibration efforts and share these with our clients when we issue the certificate of calibration. This informs you about the best case uncertainty of the devices and helps you use them optimally.

If you are running short on manpower we can also facilitate punctual pick-up and drop-off at your convenience. To know more about our reference calibration services that are exclusively carried out in-house and to get a free quote, please call us at 780-436-5200.

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