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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Retain Instrument Accuracy – On Site!

Inspection services constitute the bespoke wing of our roster. We at Westech Labs are a vanguard in the sector of metrology and calibration. Our facilities are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and we have over 10 years of experience handling the measuring instruments and devices of our clients with utmost care. Our standards of precision are high and demanding and we have the skills needed to align a wide range of electrical devices, pressure measuring tools and magnetic field intensity measurement set-ups (amongst others) with exacting ideals of top performance.

Now we bring the same dedication and punctiliousness to your tools on-site.

What Do Our Inspection Services Include?

The inspection services offered by Westech Labs run the whole gamut of possible conveniences. We possess mobile inspection and calibration units and we take our repair tools outside our facility in special contained environments where their ability to gauge accuracy and eliminate drift as per best practices are not compromised.


  • Visit measurement device shops and warehouses and take on the responsibility of scrutinizing whether the storage conditions are conducive to optimal performance of the different classes of tools housed within its confines.
  • Use our mobile recalibration consoles to perform emergency calibration on devices that display considerable drift.
  • Visit production units and factories on-site to inspect the accuracy and precision of the various in-use measuring devices that might be impacting performance on a daily basis.
  • Offer advice and counsel to companies in terms of ensuring top performance from their tools and devices.
  • Take care of the small repairs that are needed to prevent larger blow-ups which might lead to expensive replacements.

Why Should You Opt for our Inspection Services?

Inspection is not the same as calibration. It involves testing the accuracy and precision of measuring tools and recommending or carrying out spot calibrations and repairs to eliminate trips to our facility.

Inspections are to your advantage because:

  • They call qualified, experienced Westech consultants to your site, eliminating unnecessary expenses around lugging devices and instruments to the laboratory.
  • They are pre-emptive action. Some inspections may show that devices are working exactly as desired and thus save you from wasting money on needless calibration.
  • Westech carries mobile calibration modules on-site. Its officials can work on devices that show drift to correct and align them, if they do not need the re-creation of specific test environments like anemometers and wind vanes do.

We request you to get in touch with our customer service at 780-436-5200 and discuss pricing with our advisors regarding inspection services. We also offer annual maintenance and calibration contracts for year around support.