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Precise Engravings without Ink or Tool Bits!

A sub-set of laser markings, laser engravings by Westech Labs are finely done, accurate to microns and affordable beyond anything offered by competitors in Alberta or Florida. This is because we at Westech use our experience and technical expertise with various kinds of laser engraving methods to cut down material removal waste, eliminate energy loss and mistakes. Each and every piece that we engrave complies with the mandates of our clients resulting in an ability to offer services at greatly reduced operational costs.


All about Laser Engravings:


Laser engravings have been around for quite some time now. And they hold an edge over traditional engraving because there is no use of inks or bits to replenish or replace leading to cumulatively added expenses. The energy that is generated by the finely focused laser tip or pen is used to melt or vaporize the surface material. In some cases, the chosen surface changes color and results in the desired markings.

Westech Labs has been working in this field for well over 8 years and has developed a repository of practical, on the task knowledge that allows its staff and technicians to unerringly choose the right material and machine combination to render perfect deliverables.


Our engraving tools can:


  • Work on stationary surfaces
  • Work on surfaces that move either along the X or the Y axis
  • Work on surfaces that are cylindrical


To render:


  • Architectural models
  • Details on awards and trophies
  • Model, make and prototype information on educational projects and laboratory pieces
  • Designs on various packaging material
  • Promotional collateral branding
  • Regular signage
  • Rubber stamps

Why Westech Labs?

The Westech Advantage for Laser Engravings:


Westech Labs is well aware of the many considerations that must be kept in mind to ensure successful laser engravings. And it takes care to comply with and adhere to them:

  • Removal of material in the engraving process is very carefully controlled. It takes place in layers and is constantly correlated with the actual design provided by the client to ensure an exact match.
  • The laser controllers are all sophisticated computerized consoles that can control pen direction and laser beam intensity effortlessly.
  • Proper masking of the design is carried out to avoid smoke smudges from the vaporization of surface material.
  • We have the domain knowledge to go with raster or vector engravings as the situation demands so that the turnover time is shortened without compromising quality.
  • We are aware of all the aesthetic hacks that can create extremely crisp and sharp engravings for a top quality feel to the deliverables.

If you are convinced that Westech Labs is your ideal laser engraving partner, please contact us at 780-436-5200 and allow us to present our portfolio of impressive work.