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Let us Eliminate Off-sets and Calibrate Your Magnetic Field Measurement Instruments to Suit Your On-Site Processes


Do you hail from the automotive, electrical appliance manufacturing, medicine equipment and telemetry industries? Then you are no stranger to the importance of measuring the magnetic field intensity in different settings with a high degree of accuracy. For your convenience Westech Labs offers bespoke magnetic field calibration services for Gauss meters that operate on the principles of magnetoresistance and magnetotransistors and magnetometers that are both scalar and vector.

Why Should You Consider Magnetic Field Instrument Measurement Calibration?


Most instruments need to be calibrated to ensure that their precision and accuracy are not compromised with use. And the same reason holds true for magnetometers and Gauss meters.

However brand new magnetic field detectors and measuring devices also require calibration before they can be reliably used. This is because the earth’s magnetic field varies from place to place. And other factors like the structure of a building and the nature of the material with which mounts of devices are made can also create weak magnetic fields of their own. These interfere with the strength of the field that is generated for test and research purposes. Thus all instruments have to be calibrated to take into account the anomalies at the site of operation. If a site is moved, re-calibration to suit the new location parameters is essential.


Here is Why Westech Labs is Your Ideal Magnetic Field Calibration Partner:


Westech Labs takes its task seriously. It offers quick turnaround and prompt service on site. It also:

  • Has the coveted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation
  • Uses equipment that complies with the stringent traceability standards specified by NIST
  • Takes care to eliminate natural or induced vibrations that may hamper the accuracy of calibration since magnetometers and Gauss meters are exceptionally sensitive.
  • Maintains a distortion free environment at its own facility where power sources, power lines or indeed the fields of large current carrying conductors or equipment do not interfere.
  • Has to capacity to calibrate instruments measuring up to X Tesla on the higher end of the spectrum and Y Tesla on the lower end.

Allow us to show you why we are hailed as industry leaders of calibration. Call us at 780-436-5200 for a free quote.