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Great Supplier of Calibration Products Facilitated by Pros Who Truly Understand Metrology and Buyers!

We at Westech Labs are not restricted to the actual calibration products, instruments and devices. We also happen to possess great network connections to facilitate the sale of calibration and measuring devices. We have a fully stocked eCommerce store with fresh equipment from some of the best manufacturing names in the industry of metrology and calibration.

Instrument Sales at Westech Labs is conducted on two levels.

For companies and industries that are looking to invest in measuring devices that have been thoroughly inspected, calibrated and tested, Westech Labs offers a wide variety of tools from different classes covering electrical instruments, pressure instruments, calibration instruments, magnetic field intensity instruments and more.

For sellers who are seeking the right price for their instruments and devices, Westech Labs is an end to end solution provider. We test and re-calibrate all the pieces we sell and the resulting data is recorded before the device is put up for sale. The transaction is smooth and doesn’t involve hassles for either party.

Why Rely on Westech Labs?

We do not sit on our laurels as a leader of the measuring instrument calibration industry in Alberta and Florida and constantly strive to improve the quality of interactions that our clients have with us.

  • We have 10 plus years of experience handling measuring instruments. There is not much that we do not know about metrology or calibration.
  • We have grown a network of reliable and tested sellers. We do not waste anyone’s time and guaranteed sales are made.
  • We possess huge accredited calibration and repair facilities. The inspection and pre-sale work that we do on used pieces make them as good as new.
  • The sales cycle of equipment – including large on-site installs is relatively short.

Reach out to us at 780-436-5200 for more information and to register as a buyer or supplier of our network.


Part Bins


From Small Individual Containers to Full Multi-Tray Part Bins.  Everything you need to organize your small parts!


Full Details on Quality Part Bins Here



Dimensional Measuring Instruments


Dimensional measuring instruments are tools with the help of which the values of certain metrics like length, width, density, height and frequency are determined. WestechLabs dimensional measuring instruments are regularly calibrated to ensure optimal accuracy.


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