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Quality Assurance Training

“Ensuring That End Results Are Always Beyond Expectation”


Quality is intangible. And yet it governs almost all business transactions. Without going into its philosophical aspect, quality is defined as a widely accepted measure of rightness or perfection. In metrology and testing parlance, quality is associated with the accuracy and precision of the calibration process or the test results.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control:

Quality assurance is different from quality control. The latter refers to the actual process of inspecting a workflow for inefficiencies to ensure that the output of the sequence is compliant with accepted standards. Quality assurance goes deeper than quality control and in fact is a more holistic approach. In quality assurance all the planning that leads up to the inspection is taken care of. This includes discussions to establish benchmarks of what is acceptable and what is not, assigning qualified personnel to undertake the inspections, remedial measures if any activities or process flows are found to result in sub-standard outputs.

Quality Assurance Training & Westech Labs:

Westech Labs has a long standing association with quality. It is staffed with specialists who have undergone rigorous quality assurance training from the most authoritative bodies of the domain in Canada and the United States. These individuals are aware of all the steps that need to be taken to keep Westech Labs and our calibration services the best in the business.

Now these seasoned veterans are coming together under the Westech banner to extend quality assurance (QA) training to clients as well.

  • The training will be applicable to businesses working in testing and calibration (metrology) as well as other industries. The principles of QA are universal in nature and can be customized to suit any venture.
  • The trainings will culminate with the issuance of valid certifications that will hail participating businesses as bodies capable to maintaining strict quality control over processes to deliver excellent end results.
  • The trainings will apply to product based platforms as well as service based firms.

To learn more about our quality assurance programs please get in touch with us at 780-436-5200.


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