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“Ensuring That End Results Are Always Beyond Expectation”

Westech Labs Mission Statement

Create Unconventional Customized Solutions to Benefit our Clients Achieve Results Beyond Their Expectations.


Westect Labs Vision Statement

Establish Synergy with our Business Partners to Create Mutual Continuous Prosperity.


With advanced reporting capabilities, professionals are better able to make data-based, informed decisions that drive continuous improvement. Process improvement methodologies like TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing rely on solid data-collection plans and operational insight. We give you most effective methods to collect, aggregate, and analyze process and quality data to meet the demands of such programs.

We are committed to pursuing the highest standards of excellence in all our business processes. We focus on fundamentals of the quality management, and safety management systems to find better solutions than anyone else in the industry. This is a direct reflection of our company values which are; Quality, Integrity, Ethics, and Competency.
We are a leading training and implementation Business Partner, specializing in process improvement, operational excellence, management systems and collaborative problem-solving. Providing partnership for the optimization of manufacturing processes, and full implementation of effective and efficient quality and safety management systems. We assist clients to optimize their processes and in turn they feel the impact and reward of cost savings with true effective and efficient process improvements.

We have trained, certified and mentored professionals in various best practices and tools like Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Quality (TQM), quality and safety audits, etc. – through our onsite as well as online training, evaluation and support modules. We boost a combined industry experience of over 60 years which spans across Automotive, Oilfield, Chemical, Fiberglass, and Manufacturing/Service operations sectors.

Our Quality Solutions Program is designed with the employee in mind. The system is referred to as the employee’s tool box and is continually improved upon finding better tools for the job.
Switch from reactive to proactive decision making. This involves implementing quality mythologies in the planning and development stages throughout product realization and delivery. Through this integration of processes efforts are always placed on the preventive and continuous improvement, identifying and improvement system processes.

As with the design of all effective systems employees must have input to the development process which continually improves as better tools are developed or recognized. Having employee involvement in the development and implementation of the procedures limits the variations resulting in positive standardization process.

We concentrate on the preventive, which through the quality root cause analysis process identifies the systematic breakdowns and places emphasis on the required controls to help prevent re-occurrences.

Westech Labs Global Business Partner Benefits:


Team Synergy
Talent Pool
Unified Objectives
Multiple Resources
Dedication Team
Integrated Results
Fully Systematic
Networking Systems
Verifiable Accuracies


Westech Labs Quality Solutions Services Offered:


Quality Program Development
Safety Program Development
Technical Training
Root Cause Analysis
Quality Standards
Quality Plan
Lean Manufacturing
Six Sigma
Service Quality
Quality Culture
Behavior Based Quality
Quality Roadmap
Quality Model
Calibration Management
Health, Safety and Environmental
Risk Assessments

Quality Assurance Training & Westech Labs:


Westech Labs has a long standing association with quality. It is staffed with specialists who have undergone rigorous quality assurance training from the most authoritative bodies of the domain in Canada and the United States. These individuals are aware of all the steps that need to be taken to keep Westech Labs and our calibration services the best in the business.

Now these seasoned veterans are coming together under the Westech banner to extend quality assurance (QA) training to clients as well.

  • The training will be applicable to businesses working in testing and calibration (metrology) as well as other industries. The principles of QA are universal in nature and can be customized to suit any venture.
  • The trainings will culminate with the issuance of valid certifications that will hail participating businesses as bodies capable to maintaining strict quality control over processes to deliver excellent end results.
  • The trainings will apply to product based platforms as well as service based firms.

To learn more about our quality assurance programs please get in touch with us at 780-436-5200.