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Reference Electrical

Best in Class Calibration for Electrical Calibration Standards


Reference Electrical Calibration is not a service that many laboratories have the confidence of offering clients. We at Westech Labs exercise extreme caution and compliance to ISO 9001 master calibration standards and thus can proudly claim to run one of the most accurate and fully equipped facilities in all of Florida and Canada.


What is Reference Electrical Calibration?

Calibration is a delicate business. Especially the science of fine tuning instruments that read out electrical outputs like resistance and capacitance values, voltages, frequencies and more. When a device comes to Westech Labs with considerable reading drift then it is adjusted with respect to the equipment that is maintained by our professional teams.

However this equipment also needs to retain its precision and the tolerance limits have to be much smaller than that of the hardware we test for our clients. The maintenance of these master standards is an obsession with us because our success is predicated on their exactness. Our Reference Electrical facility boasts an array of set-ups that regularly tune the accuracy of the master standards and once every year they are calibrated by their manufacturers for the ultimate revert to factory settings.


The Assortment of Master Standards Westech Labs Maintains:

Westech Labs not only maintains its own master standards it also calibrates the reference equipment for clients who like to have on-premise installations for daily device checks. We ISO/IEC 17025 and adhere to the strict compliance standards of true NIST Traceability.

  • We calibrate our DV Voltage master standard every six months so that its capacity of 0-1200 VDC is not compromised.
  • We use oil baths to maintain the accuracy of our resistance standards and these are calibrated every year.
  • Where the impedance capability is concerned, we submit all our equipment to the manufacturer’s labs for yearly tune-ups.
  • The same is true for our capacitance master standards and our inductance capabilities.


If you would like to learn more about the procedures we have in place to turn in exceptional accuracy and precision for our master standards please call us at 780-436-5200. Westech Lab makes use of a good mix of manual checks and automated measurements to ensure the best possible end results.