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Reference Mass Calibration

We are Equipped to Carry the Weight of Your Expectations!

Reference masses are either used individually or are available in sets and are used to calibrate other weights, high to moderate precision top-loading balances and devices that facilitate semi-analytical weighing. When so much depends on these masses their maintenance and calibration is of utmost importance to the process of ensuring no drift, accurate read-outs from mass measurement devices.

Westech Labs has been in business for over 15 years and has curated a vast repository of use and maintenance best practices pertaining to reference masses of all classes and compositions.

What Sets the Reference Mass Calibration from Westech Labs Apart?

Calibration of measuring instruments is a service that is offered by a number of competent laboratories. But the Westech facility goes beyond standard precautions and boasts an uncontaminated and continuously monitored environment that ensures mass stability.

  • We carry masses in a number of classes so that we can serve enterprises from all industries.
  • We ensure properly air conditioned and temperature controlled storage facilities where the ambient Celsius count is 20 in compliance with the mandates of the Bureau of Standards.
  • We take good care to prevent ingress of particulate matter that can lead to the creation of dirt films on the reference masses compromising their integrity.
  • We minimize vibrations that might interfere with accurate calibration with the use of reinforced mounts for the adjustment machines.
  • We also control the humidity of the storage area and restrict it to an acceptable 35 to 40% all year round.
  • The masses that run the gamut from 1mg to 30Kgs all exceed the international ASTM standards for high quality and are manufactured using NIST recommended procedures.
  • Our reference masses have a one piece construction and smooth finish for longevity.

Westech Labs has a fast turn-around time and is a cost effective option for reference mass calibration. Our services have the golden reputation of being better than the rest and our assiduously maintained facility is the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited option for clients who require accurate weight measurements and read-outs.

Please call us at 780-436-5200 for more information or a free estimate.