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Reference Temperature

Primary Temperature Calibration Facility That Realizes the ITS-90


Our robust temperature metrology infrastructure relies to a large extent on our functioning primary laboratory that carries out reference temperature calibration in environments are similar in capability to Fluke Calibration Laboratories in Utah and Norwich. Westech realizes the internationally recognized ITS-90 standards and can re-create the needed intrinsic temperature series using fixed point cell, accurate temperature baths and controlled furnaces. We are equipped to serve clients from all industries and maintain true NIST traceability for all our facility devices and instruments.

What Happens at Our Primary/Reference Temperature Calibration Lab?

Westech Labs has the ISO/IEC 17025 on the full complement of its services. It is one of the most comprehensive laboratories in Canada and USA and complies with all relevant best practices:

  • We use world class Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) with drift rates as low as 0.0005K and highly stable proprietary gas mixtures.
  • We have the ability to calibrate these primary temperature measurement devices (SPRTs) over the all-inclusive range of -196 °C to 962 °C.
  • We use special software to calculate coefficients and interpolation tables.
  • The performance of the primary fixed point cells is checked at every realization.
  • Ice-making equipment is leveraged to re-create the reference temperature for the cold junction of calibration thermocouples.
  • Care is taken to eliminate the natural variance in environmental conditions. This extends to monitoring and controlling both the ambient temperature and the water vapor content (humidity).

We can also offer our clients calibration tables for personally facilitated on-site calibrations of installed measuring devices. This is available upon request through our database. If you are interested in adjusting your calibration equipment, our primary temperature maintenance standards are robust and can serve you flawlessly.

Please contact us at 780-436-5200 to realize the Westech Labs advantage and to avail of a free quote.