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Rental Services

Saving Money! Supporting Emergency Needs! All Without Compromising Quality!Westech Labs Rental Services 


Rentals are a common concept in the measurements and measuring devices industry. They provide a quick solution that many companies turn to when their purchased units are either out of order or undergoing the recalibration process. But there are not many who would like to depend on rented equipment to deliver accurate results – the whole year round.

Rented Instruments Have A Bad Reputation:

They are considered to be typically inferior when compared to purchased units. This is because of three reasons:

  • Rented measuring devices hop from one user to another. And from one industry to another. Thus their extremes are tested much more frequently and vigorously than pieces purchased and used for only one class of work.
  • Rented equipment is not treated with the same level of care that purchased units are. Users do operate with the belief that the presence of the devices in their equation of performance is temporary and thus dispensable.
  • Many rental firms do not maintain their equipment regularly.

These factors result in compromised sensitivity, integrity and accuracy.  

Westech Labs Rental Services 

We at Westech hold our rentals to the same exacting level of accuracy that we lend to the instruments we calibrate at our facility. Many leading companies in Alberta and Florida work with rented equipment from Westech on an annual contract basis and they vouch for the fact that the performance is at par (or in some cases better) than their purchased units.

Rentals from Westech stand for:

  • Regular calibrations for sustained accuracy and precision. We will remind you that it is time to have your rented devices checked and calibrated to eliminate drift. It is part of our in-house maintenance policy.
  • Instruments that come to your site with mapped uncertainties and calibration data sets to help you know more about the precision of the tools that you will be working with.
  • Unparalleled accuracy. We even rent out standard calibrators. And firms that do not have complete confidence in its equipment can’t lay claim to this service.
  • Contracts specifying how a device should be used. We inform clients about their responsibilities in the relationship and this ensures that you receive tools that have been treated with care.
  • Heavy discounts for long term rentals.

In short Westech rental services help you get up and running without considerable upfront investment in the sophisticated equipment that your work needs. You don’t have to maintain an inventory of spare parts or schedule and coordinate maintenance. We take over these hassles so that you can focus on what you do best – innovate and deliver.

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  • Calibration Instruments
  • Dimensional Measuring Instruments
  • Environmental Instruments
  • Magnetic Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Non-Destructive Testing Instruments
  • Temperature Instruments