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Ensuring the Accuracy & Precision of a Huge Range of Measuring Devices!


Calibration Services happen to be the mainstay of the WestechLabs experience. We have multiple facilities – each individually compliant to ISO 17025 and we maintain true NIST traceability in the calibration processes we undertake. We can also boast complete PDFs of the scope of accreditation parameters for our facilities and all of these provisions have positioned us as calibration and metrology experts in Alberta and Florida.

Why Choose WestechLabs as Your Calibration Services Partner?


There are many reasons why Westech Labs is the best possible solution for calibration needs, but here are a few we pride ourselves on:

  1. Fast Turnaround: We understand that measuring instruments play a key role in controlling and moderating multiple production and manufacturing parameters and hence their absence negatively impacts daily results. We have a turn-around time that is faster than anything that our competitors offer.
  1. The Expertise to Handle & Calibrate a Wide Range of Instruments: Westech Labs is a one-stop destination for calibration needs. We are capable of serving all your electronic, magnetic field intensity, temperature, pressure, humidity and force measurement device requirements. We not only calibrate and re-calibrate equipment; we also repair and maintain devices on-site to save transportation expenses for our clients.
  1. The Facility to Calibrate Your Standards: For industries that prefer to conduct their calibrations frequently and in-house, we can align standards (original calibration references) to desired levels of accuracy in our well-appointed laboratories. Our temperature facilities realize the internationally recognized ITS-90 guidelines and we carry a whole class of reference weights stored in ideal conditions.
  1. Rentals to Tide over Calibration Down-Time: A very real struggle for clients with multiple measurement devices used on a daily basis is the co-ordination that needs to happen between those who handle the shipping of equipment to calibration laboratories and the individuals responsible for communicating with and renting instruments from providers to work with in the interim. Since WestechLabs can facilitate both calibration and rentals, the back and forth is reduced considerably and discounted prices apply to both parts of the exercise.

How are Calibrations Carried Out?

The main aim of a calibration process is to ensure that a measuring instrument or device can produce outputs that have a high level of accuracy and allowable uncertainty. At Westech Labs, there are separate dedicated environments (carefully moderated to ensure compliance with ideals and best practices) to carry out different disciplines of calibration.

Our standards are directly rectified against NIST devices and thus propagate true traceability. Qualified professionals preside over the calibrations. The latest cutting edge technology is used and the readings of the client’s device are compared to the outputs from a NIST approved measuring equipment of similar range. These read-outs are carefully documented and the calibrated equipment is sent back to its site with a certificate of accuracy and the data sets that are obtained during the process.

Would you like to know more about our calibration services? Please contact us at 800-417-9958 and become a part of the Westech network.