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Scope of Accreditation

Accredited for Testing Ranges, Parameters and Uncertainties by ISO 17025


Westech Labs prides itself on its accuracy and precision. We are versatile in terms of the measuring instruments and devices that we can calibrate, inspect and repair. We have high standards of quality and we adhere to accepted best practices. Our facilities in both Alberta and Florida are individually accredited by the ISO 17025 and this accreditation is renewed to ensure that Westech and its laboratories are always compliant with international measurement and calibration guidelines.

What is a Scope of Accreditation?

For those who are interested in the accreditation process, here are a few facts about the Scope of Accreditation.

  1. A laboratory is not defined by its operating body or its staff. It is defined by the types of calibration that can be undertaken, the accuracy of the calibration process and the mapped uncertainties that are an important factor in determining where a particular calibration should take place.
  1. Scope of Accreditation is a formal document issued by the accrediting body. Its main job is to cover the ranges of the instruments that a lab can calibrate, the level of accuracy that this calibration can bring to instruments, the various parameters that affect calibration and the measurement uncertainties for them. This document is available to all the clients and employees of a laboratory.
  1. A Scope of Accreditation document should be used to gauge a calibration facility and its competence. The smaller is the degree of uncertainty, greater is the accuracy and better is the performance of the lab. However, uncertainties and other parameters for different classes of instruments should be referenced separately as the values change based on the needed test environment and the actual lab environment.

We at Westech have our Scope of Accreditation documents as easy to view PDFs. There are different sets of data for our various facilities and locations. Clients are requested to peruse the documents and choose the facility that best serves their calibration and testing needs.

Please contact us at 780-436-5200 to learn more about the Westech Scope of Accreditation.

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