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Accurate On-Site, Off-Site Temperature Calibration for Efficient Use of Energy in Your Processes


Simply controlling temperature is no longer enough. To maintain a log of adherence to best in class manufacturing practices, most producers also wish to record the ranges of temperature that products are subjected to over thermal cycles. Sectors like food processing, pharmaceuticals, critical safety parts manufacturing and storage are particularly susceptible to temperature measurement inaccuracies.

If you hail from one of these industries, you do realize that with international standards becoming more and more demanding precisely calibrated temperature measurement instruments are no longer a luxury – they are non-negotiable.

Why Is it Important to Calibrate Temperature Measuring Devices from Time to Time?


Calibration of all devices is desirable. But temperature measuring instruments like RTDs and thermocouples should be adjusted quite frequently. If readings appear to veer outside accepted limits, it is important to bring them back to a functioning level of accuracy and precision. The metals used in fashioning these instruments tend to experience changes in their properties due to extreme heat and require calibration to offer read-outs that can be relied upon.


Welcome to Westech Labs – Your Expert Partner in Temperature Calibration


Be it Canada or Florida, Westech Labs has developed a reputation to reckon with in the field of temperature calibration.


Here are some reasons why you can entrust your devices to us:


  • Our facilities are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and we use equipment that conforms to the benchmarks of NIST.
  • We not only calibrate your devices, we also store the calibration data in reliable databases and provide it to clients to back up our assessment and the integrity of our process.
  • We have an array of portable calibration devices that are stored and handled with utmost care to facilitate accurate on-site adjustments.
  • We have custom processes to calibrate different classes of measuring instruments. We use sophisticated multi-process calibrators for digital recorders and dry wells/liquid baths to eliminate thermocouples drift.
  • We can calibrate up to about 1000 degree Celsius and support the adjustments of Ovens and Furnaces (on-site), Psychrometers, Pyrometers, Thermocouples, RTDs, Temperature Controllers and Digital and Infrared Thermometers.
  • We advocate five point calibrations but can include more test points upon request.

If you have special devices you would like calibrated for a prolonged life, please contact us at 780-436-5200 and allow us to serve you with diligence and experience.