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Accurate, Fast Air Velocity Calibration for a Wide Variety of Instruments in Meteorological, Environmental and HVAC Industries!


Accredited by the gold standard of testing laboratories the ISO/IEC 17025, Westech Labs prides itself on providing the most cost effective air velocity measurement instrument calibration services for a number of industries.

What Do You Get With a Westech Laboratories Wind Velocity Calibration?


The element that sets a versatile calibration rig apart from its more mediocre counterparts is the specification of the calibration tunnel. In this regard Westech Labs stands heads and shoulders above its competitors. We have the ability to:

  • Conduct calibrations in both low and high speed operating modes.
  • Facilitate non-Intrusive 3D point measurement of air velocity using Laser Doppler Anemometry for automated velocity profiling.
  • Conduct Open jet air velocity calibrations of up to about 100 m/s with the help of variable diameter nozzles.
  • Conduct closed jet calibrations below 2m/s through adaptable wall systems
  • Offer rush calibrations with less than 48 hours turn around times.
  • Calibrate with minimum turbulence and uncertainty instruments like Vane anemometers, Thermal anemometers, Rotating cups, Ultrasonic anemometers, Exhaust Stack probes and pitot tubes.


Not Just Technically Competent. We are the Leaders:


Westech Labs has been in the calibration game for almost a decade. And over these years it has built up a knowledge base about its areas of expertise that is unrivalled by its competitors. We have faced all the possible issues that sensitive wind velocity calibration assignments entail and have a plan or a process in place to mitigate most of these. When you choose us as your calibration partner, you can rest assured that:

  • Your instruments will pass any audit with flying colors. We provide certificates of accuracy with the instruments we calibrate and we back up our assessment.
  • The turn-around will be timely and the price of calibration will not bust your wallet.
  • Uncertainty is eliminated using variable diameter open jet nozzles that remove anemometer blockages successfully.
  • The proceedings initiate in a tightly controlled environment where turbulence is minimal.

For optimal performance of your air velocity measurement instruments, please get in touch with Westech Labs at 800-417-9958 and experience the difference.